A  word from CROP founder & owner, Deborah Kantner

"Crop was founded in 2006, when organic products were rarely ever offered or available in the hair industry. After losing both parents to cancer and battling an illness of my own, I became more aware of the environment around me and changed my lifestyle to a more holistic, natural, and sustainable way of living. 

 I also wanted to create an environment safe from chemicals for both my clients and the staff. Hair color and products have come a long way and continue to evolve over time. I am constantly seeking out and trying new organic, natural and safe brands and products as they become more available. Crop is Vegan-friendly and uses products that are not tested on animals. We love them and want to treat them with respect!

To me, Crop's mission is to bring people access to natural and sustainable products, while also providing them with service and style they can't find anywhere else.

I would like to thank my life partner, Kris Fagan, who transformed the old Crop into a beautiful new space with his mad skills and craftsmanship. Thank you for all your love, time and patience.

Many thanks go out to Leanne Pedante for helping Crop out with logos and website! You are amazing! 

Special  thanks to Robert Bowden for his mentorship. Without his guidance, I would not be where I am at today."